Fat Loss- holiday recovery plan

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By Jacqueline Gradish baby Bump Fitness

I have had a terrific Christmas holiday. I have taken 1.5 weeks off work and 2 weeks off from working out, mainly due to the fact that my holiday started with a bout of the flue that put me under. After recovering it was Christmas morning and into some well deserved family time.

I am definitely feeling a bit fat right now, I will lose it, I am not going to stress about this, I know what to do- baby Bump busy mom Fitness.

Do you know what to do to lose your holiday flab and get back on track? Some Suggestions.

Holiday Fat Loss Made Easy

1. throw out all junk food in your house- now.

2. get social support from family, friends, colleagues- let people know what you are trying to achieve so you stay accountable.

3. make up a workout schedule– I know things change as a mom, but even a loose schedule or one that you stick to 50% is better than nothing.

Training specific Fat Loss Rules

1. use more resistance- if you don’t have weight chose the hardest optionyou are capable of such as a 1 legged squat, off set push-ups or feet elevated planks.

2. continuous work– yes move swiftly from exercise to exercise. use super-sets of 2 or 3 strength exercises before taking a short rest. use different types of metabolics workouts such as Tabata’s (20 sec/10 sec work to rest ratio), 6-8 exercise circuits, strength super-sets.

3. Progressive work– always try to improve on your previous results. try to perform one more squat or berpie within the time limit, try to lift 1-2 more pounds with upper body and 5-10 pounds with lower body within a 2-4 week period.

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4. work to Your maximum potential– ever lift, every workout go to your maximum exhaustion. I see way to many women not pushing to their threshold and claiming that they are doing resistance training. It does not have to be for long, but you have to get to exhaustion to lose fat.

Keep Your workouts fun and Challenging

This will prevent plateaus, boredom and will accelerate your results. try something you have never tried before like a pull-up. figure out where you are and set a goal to achieve at least one, then progress from here- this is a substantial accomplishment. use kettle bells, they are portable, all moves are total body and they take up little space- terrific bang for your buck. make up little games with yourself, easy stuff like chasing a ball, one legged hopscotch for more dynamic work.

I am looking forward to being featured in an article in the globe and Mail (life section) regarding Tabata training and Fat Loss. I will post the link when it arrives and send it out. one of my brave clients agreed to do the interview as well and was photographed performing some of the exercises.

Kasia has graduated to one blade skates this year and I have been taking her out. Of course her foot grew last week, I swear in one night and we had to exchange the skates I got for her. She now has adjustable skates with Lightening McQueen, terrific invention. We have not gotten out downhill skiing yet due to unpredictable weather and the fact that she needs new ski boots as well. Ava has tried sledding and of course loves it, I am hoping to get her out ice skating this winter on a set of Bob skates.

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